hanging garlic


THE GROWERS: BCGarlic is family owned and devoted to responsible farming and stewardship. Our garlic grows sustainably and naturally from the rich soil of the beautiful Fraser River Valley.

THE STORY: I have dreamed of growing my own food for a very long time. To me, ultimate fulfillment has meant establishing a connection between the land we live on and the food we eat.

My journey has taken me to the local food movement where I have now joined the community of small farmers who grow good food honestly and grow it to be a part of the natural process of living off the land while nurturing it.

So why garlic you would ask?

My earliest memories of food are as a five year old first tasting my mother's hot garlic chutney. Its unbeatable taste and smell was like a food epiphany and was my first realization that food can be utterly enticing.

Soon after we immigrated to Canada, I planted my own garlic at a community allotment garden and when I shared my small harvest with friends and family, I knew this was a plant that I wanted to keep growing.

The more garlic I grew, the more the beautiful hardy plant grew on me with its pungent taste, mysterious health benefits and range of different cultivars. I read garlic books and studies with no inkling about what this would all mean to me 15 years later.

Little did I know back then that my life was already in transition from having been an architectural model-maker with a strong urban bias to becoming a farmer with a longing to reconnect to natural food production. The economic recession of 2008-2009 left me suddenly without a job but with the opportunity to go back to school and learn about horticultural production. The next 5 years were spent honing my Agronomy skills in the field for both the public and private sectors. Then it was time to strike out on my own and use my talents and energies to grow crops that I wanted!

That’s when we established BC Garlic Growers as garlic was naturally our first crop of choice in this amazing province of British Columbia we call home. By reconnecting you to the land through our small efforts, we want to re-establish the sacred covenant between the land, the food, the farmer and you the citizens. It is to you — the health freak, the foodie, the chef, the gardener and the grower that we offer our several cultivars — come join us in this journey of discovery of the many wonderful flavours of garlic.

THE GARLIC: This juicy organic garlic is PERFECT for simple pestos, dips, curries, stir fries or mixed with olive oil on crusty bread. Get ready for the bold and classic flavour of hardneck garlic. Real Garlic!

Join us and celebrate a 10 month miracle. From seed to harvest, our plants are stars… and happy, healthy garlic, makes happy, healthy people.

HEALTH: Fresh garlic contains significant amounts of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal sulfurs as well as selenium and several amino acids.